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Here comes the bride. No wait. Here comes the food truck. With the holiday season comes a large spike in engagements. Now, brides-to-be have several months to plan for their June wedding. Instead of ordering steak dinners for guests, weddings are now home to many food trucks.

Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe is no stranger to weddings. From the valet line to the main course, Ruthie’s chefs serve up hundreds of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches each wedding season — all year round for that matter.

Here are five reasons why brides are choosing food trucks to be involved in their weddings.

  1. Something nostalgic and different. Not knocking the traditional wedding food at all, but it’s fun to mix it up and create a very memorable experience for your guests. Just as we all have fun memories of the Ice Cream Man rolling through our neighbourhoods growing up, we can experience that same magic by ordering from a food truck.
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