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Modern Luxury Dallas

Ruthie’s founder Ashlee Hunt Kleinert gives us the scoop on her partnership with Café Momentum—and shares some exciting news for grilled cheese fans.

When Ashlee Hunt Kleinert first decided to launch a food truck company, the concept started out as a fun side project—something to complement her already-established event planning business. “Food trucks were just hitting the Dallas scene, and Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe offered such a unique way to engage with customers,” says Kleinert, “so I ultimately closed the events side and went 100% in on the food truck in 2011.” Fast-forward eight years, and Kleinert would find herself embarking on yet another venture: a partnership between Ruthie’s and Café Momentum, the restaurant-nonprofit hybrid that employs at-risk youth who’ve been released from juvenile facilities. “Café Momentum is not a normal restaurant, and Ruthie’s is not a normal food truck,” she says of the merger. “We like to say that we both serve more than food; we serve the community.”

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