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The defining characteristics of a grilled cheese sandwich might seem obvious: gooey, melted American slices clasped between crispy, buttery white bread. Cut it diagonally and dip those warm and toasty triangles in Andy Warhol soup. Right?

Is that the sound of chirping crickets? Perhaps, because today a “classic” grilled cheese comes in many varieties. So many, that culling a list of those available on Dallas menus suggests nothing less than an identity crises. Is a grilled cheese a grilled cheese if it has chutney? How about garlic mayo or house-made pickles? Exactly how much “brown sugar rubbed bacon” or Manwich Sloppy Joe sauce does it take before you have a different sandwich altogether?

Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe’s Extra Cheesy Classic: Sure, you can go with the old school Plain Jane, but this food truck extraordinaire classes up classic with the Extra Cheesy. That’s Swiss, cheddar, mozzarella and pepper jack on sourdough for a salty, sexy overload.

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